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About Us

Kenfront is an applied analytics organization offering products and critical consulting services in analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and business intelligence. We are a rapidly growing consulting and product development firm based in Dallas, Texas, offices in UAE and India.”


Our Team

Over-the-top talent in an amazingly fun environment: these things alone are enough for a 5 star rating.

Kenfront is made up of teams of lean and mean professionals who are singularly focused and passionate about helping your company achieve the highest level of analytics maturity. Period. The team thrives on tackling difficult requirements and projects. Nothing you throw at the group is too hard. People have tried. We are business domain and process experts. Our entire group has walked and worked in your shoes. Now the team builds better shoes. Let this amazing group of talented, innovative and passionate people help you get where you want to go.


Yes, Kenfront!

Trying to understand how to meet your business AI needs and build
your Analytics COE to enable data science and machine learning? We
have the answer you need!